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Bi-metal Screw

 Our latest Bi-Metal screw combines series 300 and series 400 stainless steel  in response to the fact that traditional Bi-Metal screws could not be penetrated series 304 stainless steel plate.

With its great penetrating capability and stability,that the new Bi-Metal screw can penetrate series 300 stainless steel plate of 0.5mm~6.0mm. 

Instead of the heat treatment of entire screws, which would reduced the tensile and torque performance of series 304, we insist on manufacturing with high-frequency induction hardening to maintain the high tensile and high torque strength of series 304.



Stainless Steel A2 304 /  Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel A4 316 /  Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel A2 304 / Stainless Steel 410



19.00mm ~300.00mm



#6(ST3.5)、 #7 (ST3.9)、#8 (ST4.2)、

#10 (ST4.8)、#12 (ST5.5)、#14 (ST6.3)、5/16(ST8.0)、5/16(ST8.0)、#16(M8)

Bi-Metal screw


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