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Special Screw

Indent teeth

Compared with traditional designing of cutting edge has heavy frictions, obstructions while penetration performance, that this newest designing of Indent teeth would improved these defects, and then could save 30% of drilling time in stabilizing conditions. This innovation has been approved and widely used in European market as well.


This is right choice to save the time earning more money from unnecessary lost. 

Indent teeth

Whirlwind – Indent teeth

Compared with traditional designing for long size of drill length such as number 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, this latest innovation could replaced the functions of penetration for point number 5, to 8, it’s mean the thickness of steel plate from up to will be just penetrated by one size of screw only. This great revolution would much save a lot space for storage and inventory control. Base on that conditions we strive for more inquiry on heavy duty field and expanding the consumption to a high level as well.

Whirlwind – Indent teeth


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